Golfway Programming

The Golfway Academy Programme, previously the YMG Programme (Young Masters Golf), was created in 2001 and has been developed year-on-year by PGA professionals Chris Smith, Nigel Blenkarne and Nick Horrocks.

The original YMG Programme was internationally renowned and introduced thousands of juniors to the game of golf. Many well-known names have gone through the YMG Programme, including Matt Fitzpatrick, Georgia Hall, Leona Maguire and Jordan Smith.


Matt Fitzpatrick YMG
Georgia Hall YMG
Leona Maguire YMG
Jordan Smith YMG

Structured learning

The Golfway Academy Programme is the most comprehensive junior golf education in the world.

Offering a progressive and structured learning plan, the programme covers all aspects of golf across eight levels of achievement.

Each stage includes skills challenges and knowledge quizzes, leading to a certification which is recognised by many Associations and leading golf clubs internationally.

golfway academy at the Bristol kid swinging iron
young girl the Bristol golfway academy

Our Academies

A golf club can only earn Golfway Academy status by meeting the following criteria: 

  • PGA-qualified coach specifically for youth development on-site
  • Delivering all eight levels of the Golfway Programme
  • Schools pathway, delivering the Golf Foundation’s Schools Programme with Golfway Play™ equipment
  • ShortGolf course on-site

Eight progressive levels

Levels one to four cover the fundemental development pillars including How to Play, Golf Etiquette and Golf Rules. Levels five to eight are more advanced, focussing on Golf Knowledge and Peak Performance.

golfway academy icons 1-8

Get in touch

Reach out if you would like to explore how Golfway programming can work for you.



Benefits for JUniors & parents


The Golfway Programme places a strong emphasis on ways to improve health and mental wellbeing benefits for young people – our inclusive programmes promote activity and engagement in groups as well as the opportunity to learn in safe and secure environments.


There are very few junior golf programmes who can boast the experience and resource that a Golfway Academy can. We have a place for everyone, no matter at what stage you’re on in your golf journey.


We know golf can be quite a serious and lonely pursuit, but at Golfway we put a big emphasis on learning and playing together. So whether you’re a new starter who’s playing for the first time or junior player looking for progression, enjoyment is always at the heart of the Golfway Academy.


The Golfway Programmes start with four Levels of learning using our fantastic Golfway Play equipment, allowing students to learn elementary techniques in a fun environment. Golfway Play is specially designed to make the learning easy, and it can be used anywhere, at the golf course, at school or even at home.

Benefits for golf clubs


Using a Golfway Coaching programme at your golf club could be crucial to not only boosting revenue through the coaching itself, but also in retail terms with a range of Golfway equipment available to you at competitive trade prices.


We possess a wealth of materials to help market coaching programmes within your club and in your local area. From open day templates to emails and marketing resources, Golfway can provide the advice, consultancy and know-how about how to boost the potential of your academy.


Senior golfers are always delighted to see junior players come up through the ranks – especially when they are being taught good etiquette and skills. The next golf talent may come from your club, all they need is their talent nurtured and at the same time make your members extremely proud by association.


Research by the England Golf in 2017 suggested that 5.35 million juniors had ‘had a go at golf’ but only 20% of this number have gone on to play the sport. There is a huge untapped potential for junior golfers and working with our partners at the Golf Foundation, Golfway has the experience and resources to help forge those links in local schools by working together with you.