4 top tips for new golf parents

4 Top Tips For New Golf Parents!

Published on 14th May 2024

Welcome to the exciting world of junior golf! As a parent or guardian, you play a crucial role in nurturing your child's passion for the game and supporting their development as a young golfer.

Whether your little one is swinging their first club or already dreaming of competing on the PGA Tour, this four-step blog post can guide you through the journey ahead.

  1. Provide positive support and encouragement: The first step is to ensure your child enjoys the game. Golf can be challenging, so it is essential to keep it fun, simple and rewarding.

    We suggest introducing children to golf with Golfway Play equipment; our Garden Pack or Putter Pack are great options. With their weighted club design, oversized club heads, and alignment grips, these packs have been specifically designed for young or first-time golfers, making it easier for them to learn and enjoy the game. Including foam balls or weighted tennis-style balls instead of traditional golf balls further enhances the learning experience. Golf is often perceived as difficult and hard to learn; that's where Golfway Play fits in.

    It's all about getting them to hit the ball first and have fun - worry about technique and traditional equipment later!

  2. Set them up for success with properly fitted equipment: Once your child is confidently using Golfway Play, you may take them to your local club, range or Par-3 course. While Golfway Play equipment can be used at these venues, you will more than likely want them to have some traditional metal clubs.

    Golfway Champion and MKids club sets offer the perfect solution with a range fit for their age, height, and dexterity - Learn how to measure for junior golf clubs by reading our handy blog post.

    Don't be tempted to cut corners. Cut-down or ill-fitting equipment will hinder your child's progress and enjoyment of the game, so investing in appropriate kids' clubs is important - It will also make their week to open a new set of shiny clubs!

  3. Making the step into organised junior golf with academies and tournaments: Once your child is comfortable playing golf, they may wish to play alongside other children their age, make friends, and participate in organised events.

    A growing number of golf clubs throughout the UK are running the Golfway Programme, an eight-stage development pathway designed alongside the R&A and Golf Foundation - find your nearest facility here. Designed to standardise junior golf coaching across the UK, the Golfway Programme is essentially swimming badges for golf, with progressively increasing difficulty levels, aiming to take beginners to the county level.

    If your junior reaches the stage where they'd like to participate in tournaments, then look no further than the Faldo Futures series. Endorsed by Sir Nick Faldo and designed for juniors aged 7-12, the Faldo Series of tournaments offers the perfect platform for children to participate in competitive golf.

  4. Listen to their goals: It is crucial to remember that every child is unique, so be adaptable and supportive of their individual goals and aspirations as they pursue their golf journey.

    Some children may want to stop at playing in the garden, while others only enjoy the driving range, not every child will want to play competitively. They must be happy and make their own decisions; there's nothing worse than dragging them to a practice they don't want to attend or seeing an overly competitive caddy-dad at a junior tournament!

Golf should be a space for your child to develop their confidence, self-esteem, resilience, patience, and make friends, among many other important life skills and learnings. Following the above tips will empower your junior to make the most of their golf journey!

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