A Closer Look: Golfway Play™ Iron

A Closer Look: Golfway Play™ Iron

Published on 11th Apr 2022

The Golfway Play™ Iron is the perfect club to start your golfing journey with! The shaped handle for the perfect grip, realistic weighting and ease to use make it ideal for developing the basic fundamentals and building confidence when starting out!

Play Clubs

However, it’s not only a great training aid for beginners! It’s regularly used by coaches with established golfers in order to re-emphasise the basic fundamentals and highlight correct positions within the swing. The oversized club head and alignment markings make the Golfway Play™ Iron the perfect tool for matching up feelings with a visual picture.

Golfway Play clubs are best used in conjunction with Golfway Play™ balls, tee mats and accessories which include a full range of targets as well as games designed by our experts in order to aid development!

Play Iron

Our play clubs support the new starter as much as they can an experienced Pro, with learning cues and weighted heads to mimic the real weight of a metal club. Designed for all ages with five progressive club sizes available from a player height of 90cm to 170cm.

Take a look at the Golfway Play™ iron here.

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