Lebanese Golf Federation launches national project with Golfway equipment

Lebanese Golf Federation rolls out national golf project with Golfway Play equipment

Published on 27th Jun 2024

Golfway is proud to support the Lebanese Golf Federation's national school golf programme, which champions gender equality and disability inclusion.

The introduction of Golfway Play coaching equipment has been a game-changer for the national school golf programme. The range's inclusive nature has allowed children of all physical capabilities to play golf and has also facilitated the participation of children with disabilities and learning difficulties, making the project truly inclusive.

Under the leadership of President Karim Salaam, the Lebanese Golf Federation has made a collective effort to make the project as inclusive as possible, ensuring no child is left out. The fourth iteration of a national schools golf project in Lebanon, this time draws inspiration from the Golf Foundation Unleash Your Drive campaign and involves a collaborative partnership between the R&A, EDGA and Golfway.

The project culminated this week with a Golfway Tournament Final, with teams of mixed abilities from across Lebanon entering.

Advisor to the President Tarek Charaf said: "We are proud to announce that the school that finished in the first place, Al Hai Institute for Deaf, Blind and Learning Disabilities, had a team mainly composed of children with autism. To us, this was the biggest success, as we were able to prove once more that golf is all about inclusion and equality."

Golfway Partnerships Director Nick Horrocks commented: "The fantastic work that the Lebanese Golf Federation is doing is a testament to how golf can bring communities together, regardless of backgrounds and limitations. The golf projects being run throughout the country have no barriers or exclusions, and Golfway Play equipment helps make all projects fully inclusive."

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