Workouts, Fitness And Golf?

Workouts, Fitness And Golf?

Published on 31st Mar 2021

With the onset of more national lockdowns imminent across the globe, we’re looking at ways that Golf can boost fitness as well as improve mental health. If you can get to your local course then that’s obviously ideal, but if not then we’ve got plenty of inspiration to keep you moving and in good health without even realising!

Read on to learn about our five points to get the best out of golf and your health…


Isn’t the best kind of workout one when you don’t even realise you’ve done it? A round of golf may not have you heavily sweating and short of breath, but with 12,000 steps taken on your average 18-hole round, you’ll certainly be burning those calories! This sustained, low-impact way of exercising, means that it’s suitable for everyone and keeps your heart rate up at an optimum level to burn calories.

Golfway top tip: Why not head down to your local park with a club and a few practice balls to emulate a round of golf?


We can often underestimate how beneficial it is for your health to be outside. Spending time in direct sunlight is essential for boosting your vitamin D intake and supporting your immune system. Not only that, but the fresh air itself can have many benefits from digestive health, to blood pressure and heart rate. Evidence even suggests that golf has a role in preventing and treating many chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, and through regular use can help strengthen bones and prevent hip fractures.

Golfway top tip: When taking the dog for a walk, set out with club and a few tennis balls to maximise walkie time! No dog? No worries. Grab a club and head over to an open space to hone your skills.


Golf is a sport that requires focus, concentration and precision. You have to visualise the direction and pace of your ball and therefore encourages creative thinking. Hand-eye coordination is also essential and is a skill that is developed through learning and playing the game. As you’re continuously moving, circulation continues to flow, pumping blood to the brain. There has been plenty of research into how playing golf affects how you think. For example, repetition of the golf swing develops muscle memory and navigating the course improves your sense of depth and distance.

Golfway top tip: Practice your swing indoors with a short club or setup a mini putting circuit to test your concentration.


Don’t be mistaken that golf is sport that’s played in isolation, the social aspect is a huge draw for many people. Get a group together and play 18-holes, that’s a lot of time to have a catch-up and get the banter flowing! Don’t forget the club house after too, as there are so many games you can play to add an extra layer of competition… depending on whether you need that after asking everyone’s handicap!

Golfway top tip: Sadly, the world isn’t being particularly social right now… but that shouldn’t stop you! You can still get together with friends virtually – create mini games, quizzes or challenges over video call and put an end to boring lunchtimes while working from home!


The benefits of playing golf aren’t only limited to physical health, there are so many psychological benefits when playing the sport, including improved mood, reduced anxiety and increased confidence. We all have our ways to relieve stress and golf can be ideal. Teeing off when you’ve got a lot on your shoulders can channel the tension into something productive. Plus, being active releases endorphins which boost your mood and reduce feelings of depression.

Golfway top tip: Use any of the above tips to create your own games and exercises – just simply playing and focusing on golf takes us into an another world. For example, even simple indoor putting challenges can boost confidence and self-esteem with practice.
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