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Child Using MKids Junior Golf Clubs & Equipment

Published on 16th Aug 2023 proudly stocks MKids junior golf clubs and sets. Based out of Portishead, Somerset, Golfway and MKids belong to parent company Masters 24/7, the UK & Europe's leading golf equipment distributor.

MKids junior golf clubs have been used by some of the most iconic aspiring golfers in the past decade, with the brand being the starting point for many golfers in the amateur and professional game alike.

Designed for junior players at a range of heights suitable through the age ranges, MKids golf clubs can come as individual clubs or as part of golf club sets, with something for every junior golfer and parental budget.

Why Are MKids Clubs Popular?

Just like our own Golfway Champion Junior Golf Clubs, MKids follow a very simple height range as your junior golfer grows throughout their childhood, combined with quality materials throughout the range.

ProLaunch shafts designed by Grafalloy, are a standard in every MKids club alongside “tour-inspired” grips allowing every junior golfer the opportunity to develop a good golfing grip and develop the correct basics.

Scientifically Produced Golf Clubs

Having golf clubs that are designed and innovated scientifically is no longer reserved for the adult game. Each MKids age range colour is specifically designed with balanced weight, to offer each child the best chance of achieving success and developing their game.

MKids Golf Equipment

Outside of golf clubs, MKids produce a range of junior golf equipment for all areas of the game. From lightweight and sturdy stand bags and golf trolleys to accessories such as golf grips and gloves, each with designed and manufactured with quality in mind.

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