Junior Clubs

Golf Clubs For Children 

Discover our range of children’s golf clubs, specifically designed to suit the needs of aspiring golfers from their first golf swing, all the way through to their transition to adult clubs. All of our golf clubs come in 7 progressive sizes to suit children of all heights and stature throughout their journey in golf.

Golfway Champion Junior Golf Clubs

Our largest selection of junior clubs comes from our own Golfway brand. Built with high quality and durability at the centre of our process, Golfway Champion provides innovation throughout the golf bag, from individual golf clubs to junior golf club sets ideal to take to the course. 

Mkids Junior Golf Clubs

One of the mainstays of junior golf in the past few decades, Mkids junior golf clubs have been a starting point for countless children entering the game of golf and developing their game. Available to purchase as individual golf clubs from Drivers to Irons and Putters, or as part of club sets that give everything a junior golfer needs to progress and head to the course. 

Golfway Play 

Ideal as the first golf club any child picks up, the Golfway Play Iron and Putter are designed to replicate the feel of a steel golf club with the bonus of being usable indoors, outdoors and on hard surfaces without causing damage. These clubs are also ideal for use in schools as part of PE lessons or after-school activities all year round.

Junior Golf Club FAQs 

How do you measure a child for golf clubs?

To measure a child for golf clubs it is best to start with their height, importantly when they are wearing shoes to give the best height for when playing. Each golf club in our range comes with a 10cm height range to best fit to each junior golfer, with the range covering 110cm (3ft 7in) up to 170cm (5ft 7in). We offer approximate age ranges that are common with the club heights but it is advised to use the sizes for best club fitting. 

How many golf clubs do children need?

The number of golf clubs a child needs and the number of accessories they need will be dictated by their age and what level they are at. Junior golfers starting their journey in the game may only need one or two golf clubs such as an iron and a putter. As they develop and go to the golf course, more clubs and accessories will be required which may make a junior club set that includes a golf bag a more practical solution.