Golf development isn't a one size fits all solution. Therefore it is imperative to seek advice before creating a pathway for new golfers.

Golfway programming works for both international associations and local clubs, with junior golf development packages tailored to meet your specific requirements and desired outcomes.

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Our current and previous projects include working with:

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Reach out to explore how Golfway can work for you.

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With over 70 years of combined golf development experience, our consultants can help you shape the future of your programme. Our continuous work with golf courses, county and regional unions, national bodies, federations and the R&A, enables us to maintain real-time industry insights and provide a holistic approach.

Before curating a bespoke development programme, whether for a local golf club or an international federation, we will consider the following factors: 

  • Demographic
  • Local economy
  • Historical golf development delivery
  • Funding options and availability
  • Equipment needs
  • Coaching programmes required
  • Coach training
  • Local resources (golf facilities, schools etc.)
  • Desired outcomes and objectives

Our experienced team will leave no stone unturned and can provide valuable advice and information.

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We advise on everything in development.

Additionally, as part of the Masters24/7 group, we can also supply:

  • Development golf equipment
  • Traditional junior golf equipment
  • School and Community golf programming
  • Junior Academy golf programming
  • Training for golf coaches
  • Training for volunteers
  • Marketing support
  • Videography and design

After your programme has been developed our consultants will provide ongoing support to ensure that your programme is meeting your desired outcomes.


Charities and community projects across the UK and the USA use Golfway Play equipment for their outreach projects. We are proud of the work that they carry out and the impact that our equipment has on their benefactors.

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We are always looking to partner with organisations that do impactful work.

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