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Junior Golf Putters

Improving putting is one of the best ways to lower scores in golf. That is why our range of junior putters designed specifically for children are so important. Developing good putting technique and posture right from the start can be an essential part of becoming a good golfer as children develop. 

We are proud to provide a range of Junior Golf Putters designed to help your young aspiring golfer improve around the greens. Our selection of Golfway and MKids putters offer blade and mallet designs replicating those in the adult game with weighting specifically designed for children. 

Golfway Champion Putters

Our Golfway Champion Golf Putters are ideal for children trying to improve their putting technique or just finding their feet on the green. Each club boasts its own unique high-spec build and comes in seven progressive ages ranging from 3 years old to 16+.

Junior left-handed putters are also an option through the SLA Putter variety. It is recommended that professional coaches purchase at least one left-handed putter to allow left-handed players to maintain consistent growth.

While SQ2 Putters can only be bought individually, SLA Putters also come as part of the Junior Golf Club Set.

MKids Golf Putters

MKids Golf Putters offer high specifications equal to that of our own Golfway Champion Putters and offer both the SQ2 and SLA Putters.

Through the MKids club set, young golfers will be able to make the most of their SLA Putter while enjoying the tour-standard grip and high-spec components of its MKids counterparts.