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Junior Golf Coaching Packs

Our range of junior golf coaching packs makes it easy for you to set up training sessions and ShortGolf6 courses for your junior golfers.

Golfway Play Base Pack

The Golfway Play Base Pack is the ultimate starter pack for coaching junior players. It features a great range of products, including:

Golfway Play ShortGolf6 Pack

Ideal for teachers and coaches, this is the ultimate collection for playing ShortGolf6 with your junior golfers. The pack includes:

Golfway School Pack

Our Golfway School Packs come in four sizes:

Primary Regular

Primary Large

Secondary Regular

Secondary Large

They are ideal for teaching children at both the primary and secondary levels the basics of Golf. Each pack comes with a range of products, including clubs, balls, targets, cones and more. Each pack was designed with the Golf Foundation, and is purpose-built for Golfway Play School Games.

Golfway Play Club Pack

Golfway Play Club Packs are a necessary part of any coach or teacher’s equipment. Each pack contains 6 right-handed Golfway Play Irons, 1 left-handed Golfway Play Iron, and 6 Golfway Play Putters. These packs should be bought and used alongside the Golfway Play Base Pack.

GolfSixes Mini League Pack

Our GolfSixes Mini League Packs come as either the Base Pack or in larger more age-specific packs. They are essential for setting up a GolfSizes Mini League course and are ideal for coaches and teachers alike.