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Junior Golf Irons 

Our selection of junior golf irons is designed for junior golfers of all ages and abilities. Each club comes in 7 progressive sizes so your junior golfer will always find the right fit for them.

Golfway Champion Junior Golf Irons

Our Golfway Champion junior golf irons are built with ground-breaking heel-toe weight placement technology for maximum forgiveness, unique sole profiling and bespoke True Temper junior shafts, you will not find a better club to assist your development.

The Golfway undercut cavity helps increase distance without sacrificing control around the greens. The Golfway Champion G-line grip enables almost effortless placing of the hands for the perfect grip.

Each Golfway Champion Iron comes in seven progressive sizes and features all irons from 5-SW. Each size club has been specifically engineered for the correct player height according to weight, loft and lie.

Quality and durability are central to the creation of each Golfway Champion iron, which means long-lasting use for coaches, schools and parents alike. Golfway Champion irons are also available through our junior golf club sets, which are ideal for showing junior golfers the ropes.

MKids Junior Golf Irons

The MKids selection is responsible for the development of many junior golfers, taking them from beginner to advanced over 6 different age brackets. MKids Pro Irons are renowned for their tour-quality grips and the Grafalloy ProLaunch Shaft, the golf shaft designed to improve launch angles and reduce spin.

MKids clubs are available as singular items or as part of a club set built to provide everything a junior golfer could need.

Golfway Play

Golfway Play Irons are designed to be the very first club that a junior golfer might use. They utilise a ‘Play’ grip, which has been developed with your junior’s technique in mind, and the weight and feel of that club are engineered to match that of a conventional club.

Available in 5 progressive sizes, Golfway Play Irons and Putters can be used both indoors and outdoors, and our Golfway Play Club Packs are ideal for golf lessons at school.

Junior Golf Iron FAQs 

How do you choose golf clubs for juniors?

The most important factors in choosing golf clubs for juniors is length of club and weight. The golf club should be sized to match their height with each iron in our range available in seven progressive 10cm height ranges. This will allow a little bit of room for growth while also making sure that the club is not too long and heavy to swing successfully. 

What is the difference between junior and men's golf clubs?

Junior golf clubs are made with a lighter club head weighting to allow junior golfers to swing the club. While adult men’s and women’s golf clubs can be “cut down” to the shaft length of junior golf clubs this can change a range of club specifications such as shaft flex and weighting. Each junior golf club is specifically designed to fit weighting and lie angle for junior golfers to play their best golf and progress.