Coaching Equipment

Junior Golf Coaching Equipment

Our collection of golf teaching and coaching equipment is ideal for helping you provide engaging experiences for junior golfers. Each product within our range offers a specific function, so you can target areas for improvement and get them ready for the course.

Golfway Play and GolfSixes Packs

Each of these packs offers a selection of accessories, practice aids, clubs, targets and more, so it is easy for coaches to organise golf training sessions. 

Coaches should specifically look towards our Golfway Club Packs, ShortGolf 6 Packs and GolfSixes Mini League Packs, which offer plenty to get a junior golfer off to a flying start.

Schools should turn towards our Golfway Play Base Pack or Golfway Play School Pack, which offer the largest collections of golf goodies. Set up for each of the items in these packs is straightforward, so you can quickly get sessions going.

Practice Aids & Zone Markers

Our Practice Aids are designed to help coaches and teachers build upon the technique and aim of their junior and child golfers.

Golfway Play Zone Markers come individually and in sets of 6 mixed or Golfway colours. Our revolutionary Golfway Play Hanger Training Aids come in packs of six, and are designed to perfect your student’s form.

Similarly, stance mats provide clear guidance for foot positioning, which helps your junior golfer practise their stance.


Golfway Play Cones come in a range of colours and help coaches and teachers alike mark out areas of play. Cones can be purchased individually or on a holder in packs of 36.

Tees & Tee Mats

The right equipment is essential for ensuring proper form. Each of these Tees and Tee Mats will help your junior golfers understand how best to play from the tee, so they can take that experience to the real thing.

Our Golfway Play Rubber Tees can be used on their own, or pair perfectly with our Mini and Coaching Tee Mats, which provide a stable surface for the tea and player alike.

Please be aware that Golfway Play Rubber Tees are designed to be used with Golfway Play Clubs, and not genuine golf clubs.