Golfway Play Hanger Training Aid (Pack of 6)


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The Golfway Play Hanger sits perfectly on the Golfway Play grip and aids golfers in achieving the perfect backswing and through swing positions. When used for putting, the hanger ensures the perfect set-up position and putting action can be achieved.

This hanger is the ideal coaching and practice companion and a revolutionary and versatile training aid from Golfway. Is it designed to encourage junior players to form a correct swing and putt development.

Coaching and School Kits

These Hanger Training Aids are ideal for coaches, and can also be found in our fantastic Play Base Packs.

For those teaching in schools, it can also be greatly beneficial to purchase these Hangers alongside our Golf Foundation and Golfway Starter School Packs, which come with a selection of teaching accessories and clubs to help pupils succeed