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Left-Handed Junior Golf Clubs 

Our range of Junior Left-Handed Golf Clubs for sale allows for the best possible golf development for your left-handed children either starting out in the game or looking to develop their skills as they grow. 

Each club in our range is built to last, so whether you’re coaching or simply a parent sharing their passion, our clubs are easily maintained. If your left-handed golfer is looking for a set, be sure to consider our Junior Golf Club Sets too - perfect for helping them get to grips with every type of club in one handy package.

Golfway Champion Left-Handed Clubs

Our Golfway Champion Left-Handed range is designed to help build on the technique of left-handed juniors, with heel-toe weight placement technology for maximum forgiveness, sole profiling and True Temper junior shafts.

Each club comes with its own high spec performance enhancing design, so left-handed golfers won’t be left behind. Golfway Champion clubs come in seven progressive sizes ranging from ages 3-16+ giving a pathway to progress with age, even if a growth spurt happens. 

MKids Left-Handed Golf Clubs

MKids are well known for their left-handed golf clubs for children interested in the sport. Each club is available as left-handed or right-handed, and come in 6 progressive age brackets to provide continuous development as they grow. 

MKids clubs are very high spec, and come with a range of features like MKLite or Grafalloy ProLaunch Shafts, and tour-quality grips.For those after a set, MKid club sets are also available for the left-handed junior golfer looking to take on the course with a half set and a fashionable junior golf bag

Left-Handed Golfway Play Clubs

Perfect for introducing children to the game, our very own Golfway Play plastic clubs are available in left-handed to develop players of both dexterities. 

Usable on hard ground as well as indoors, the Golfway Play Irons and Putters are weighted in a similar way to our steel-headed clubs making first lessons and exploration with golf developmental as well as fun and engaging. The transition to swinging on of our traditional junior golf clubs is then also easier given that the clubs feel remarkably similar to hold and swing. 

It is recommended that teachers purchase left-handed clubs in their Club Packs alongside right-handed ones, to make teaching golf at school an equitable experience.

Left-Handed Golf Club FAQs

How do you know if you are a left-handed golfer?

Mostly, knowing which way to play golf comes down to the comfort of swinging the club left-handed or right-handed. While for most players it is linked to which hand is most dominant in other activities, this is not the defining factor and juniors should be encouraged to try both ways to find the most comfortable. 

How do you hit a left-handed golf club?

The only real difference between hitting a left-handed golf club and a right-handed golf club is in how the golfer grips the club. With a right-handed club, the left hand is to the top of the club with the right hand overlapping, as a left-handed club is gripped it is the opposite. The right hand of the golfer dominates with more contact with the grip and the left hand overlaps.