Golfway Champion Fairway

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Golfway junior fairway metals are perfect for aiding the performance of both new and experienced junior players alike. Each club comes with a Grafalloy Pro Launch shaft, which is designed to maximise distances from the tee and help get the ball airborne from fairway lies. 

Clubs come in a range of sizes from 103-170 cm, with size-specific weighted heads that increase in weight along with your junior’s age. Each consecutive club size has a weight increase of between 10 and 30 grams, perfect for getting your young one accustomed to a new size!

Golfway Champion Club Sets

If you’d like to collect a wider range of clubs for your junior, you can do so easily through our Golfway Champion Club Set now.

In the Champion Club Set, you’ll find 7&9 Irons, an SLA Putter, and a Metal Fairway Wood, all within a lightweight Stand Bag. Give your junior golfer a boost with this club set, and don’t forget to pick up some helpful accessories along the way!

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