Practice aids, zone markers & cones

Junior Golf Practice Aids, Zone Markers & Cones

Technique and accuracy building are both essential parts of becoming a better golfer. To aid in the development of younger golfers, we provide a range of junior golf practice aids and zone markers. 

These aids and markers allow your junior golfer to practice their game in the comfort of your garden. Our coaching and training cones are durable and suitable for all weather conditions. Perfect for training sessions.

Golfway Play Zone Markers

Our Golfway Play Zone Markers can be purchased individually or in packs of 6. These 800mm diameter rings are perfect for ShotGolf6 courses, and for laying out safety zones during coaching sessions.

Golfway Play Stance Mats

These Golfway Play Stance Mats are the perfect accessory for coaches. Place the right and left foot mats as you need, to help your junior golfer practice their stance.

Golfway Play Hangar Training Aids

These revolutionary Golfway Play Hangar Training Aids are ideal for helping junior golfers perfect their backswing and swing positions.

This versatile training aid is also perfect for junior golf coaches looking to make great gains in putt development too!

Golfway Play Zone Rings

These simple and colourful Golfway Play Zone Rings are great for mapping out areas and creating zones while coaching. Comes with a carry bag for easy transportation.

Golfway Play Cone

Our individual Golfway Play Cones can be purchased in 5 different colours, and are ideal for laying out zones or setting up other training areas.

Golfway Play Cone Set and Holder

This Golfway Play Cone Set comes with 36 individual cones and a holder to stack them on. They are ideal for coaches setting up larger sessions with their junior golfers and come in a range of colours.