Junior Golf Targets

Target practice is essential for improving the technique of your junior golfers. At Golfway, we offer a wide selection of targets to ensure that however and wherever you practise, your junior golfers can continue to grow and improve.

So whether you’re looking for large or mini net targets, sticky bar targets, play hole targets, or bullseyes, you can get whatever you need with Golfway.

Chipping Net Targets

We offer two fantastic chipping net targets that are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Our mini-bullseye chipping net is around 450 mm in diameter, and will put your young golfers' chipping skills to the test! 

Our large chipping net is double the size at 900 mm and is perfect for chipping, and general practice and scoring.

Bar Targets

Our Bar Targets measure at 900mm each, and are made with a double-sided hook material so your Velcro balls stick where they land!

These types of targets are perfect for testing putting accuracy and challenging other young golfers to a competition. They are also perfect for both the indoors and outdoors.

Bullseye Targets

At Golfway our two Bullseye Targets are perfect for honing the aim of your junior golfers. 

The Golfway mini-bullseye is 450mm in diameter, and can be used on the ground or hanging up. It uses hook material so your velcro practice balls stick to the target, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The larger bullseye target is 900mm in diameter, and is ideal for hanging in place or on the ground. This target uses hook material, making it perfect for scoring competitions. It is also fully weatherproof, and suitable for indoors and outdoors.

Play Hole Targets 

Golfway Play Hole Targets are perfect for a ShortGolf6 course setup, or for practice sessions at home! The ‘hole’ itself is 450mm in diameter, and has a 225mm centre cup made with hook material. This Hole Target also comes with a flag and flagstick holder.

Mini Disc Targets with Practice Flagstick

These Golfway Play Mini Disc Targets are made of hook material and come with a foldable flagstick. The disc itself is 300mm in diameter, perfect for improving putting skills!

For Hole and Disc Target owners that require further foldable flagsticks, you can purchase them separately in boxes of 3.

Disc and Mini Disc targets

Golfway offers two packs of Disc and Mini Disc targets to help your young golfers improve their game!

The Golfway Play Mini Disc Targets come in boxes of 4, and measure 120mm in diameter each. The centre of the targets is made up of hook material. Combine that with each target being numbered 1 to 4, and you have the perfect practice targets for both indoor and outdoor use! These multi-coloured Golfway Play Disc Targets are ideal for home play with friends. Each target measures 300mm in diameter, and is numbered from 1-6.