Golfway Champion Hybrid

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Golfway’s Champion Hybrid golf clubs are the ideal companion for junior golfers hoping to improve their technique and add more clubs to the top end of their golf bag. 

Our Champion products are of the highest spec and quality. The 110cm and 120cm clubs both come with a unique align-style grip and size-specific weighted heads, which allow players to progress naturally from the shortest to longest sizes, with weight increases of between 10 and 30 grams. The 110-120cm clubs also feature a Golfway Launch Control shaft, which aids in consistently successful swings with great distance. 

When moving up to the 130-170cm range, the unique align-style grip remains the same, and the weighted heads continue to allow for growth adjustments. The shaft is replaced with a Grafalloy Pro Launch shaft, which will take their swing to the next level and allow for their development to bloom. 

Golfway Champion Club Sets

Our Golfway Champion Club Sets are built to allow your junior golfer to try or continue to practice with a range of clubs. The set itself includes 7&9 Irons, an SLA Putter, and a Metal Fairway Wood, all within a sturdy yet lightweight Stand Bag.

A range of accessories are also available that will suit your new club set perfectly! As well as making you look the part, our accessories are highly functional, helping to keep the rain away and improving grip.

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