A guide to choosing the right golf clubs for kids

A guide to choosing the right golf clubs for kids

Published on 22nd Jan 2024

Golf is a sport that not only promotes physical activity but also teaches valuable life skills such as discipline, patience, and focus. If you're introducing your child to the world of golf, one crucial aspect is selecting the right junior golf clubs. In this guide, we'll explore the key factors to consider when choosing the correct clubs for young golfers, ensuring they have the best equipment to foster their love for the game:

  1. Age and Size: The main factor when purchasing golf clubs, not only for juniors, is height. Golf clubs are available in various lengths and weights, and choosing the appropriate size is crucial for proper swing mechanics and overall comfort. Younger children will require shorter and lighter clubs, while older kids may benefit from slightly longer and more substantial options.

    Quick tip: Measure your child's height and select the appropriate sized clubs from the options on our product pages, whether purchasing an individual club or club set.


  2. Club Types: Children's golf club sets typically include a driver, putter and selection of irons; hybrid and fairway woods are also available. It's essential to understand the purpose of each club and how they contribute to different aspects of the game. For instance, drivers are used for long shots off the tee, irons for approach shots, and putters for getting the ball into the hole.

  3. Material and Construction: Pay attention to the material and construction of the golf clubs. Clubs made from lightweight materials, such as graphite or aluminium, are ideal for kids. They make it easier for children to swing the club properly and enjoy the game without feeling weighed down.

  4. Grip Size and Feel: The grip of a golf club is another crucial aspect. Ensure that the grip size is appropriate for your child's hand size. A comfortable grip promotes proper hand placement and control during the swing. Some junior clubs come with specially designed grips to accommodate smaller hands.

  5. Flexibility: The flexibility of the shaft is a critical factor in choosing the right golf clubs for kids. Junior clubs often have more flexible shafts, allowing young golfers to generate clubhead speed without overexerting themselves. This flexibility contributes to better shot control and distance.

  6. Brand Reputation and Reviews: MKids and Golfway Champion junior clubs deliver on quality and durability. MKids boasts ten-plus years in the market, while Golfway Champion is its newer iteration. You can read other parents' reviews on Trustpilot.

Choosing the right golf clubs for your child is a crucial step in nurturing their interest in golf. By considering factors such as age, size, club types, materials, grip and flexibility, you can ensure that your junior golfer has the proper equipment to enjoy the game and develop essential skills. Investing in quality junior golf clubs, such as MKids and Golfway Champion, not only enhances their playing experience but also sets the foundation for a lifelong love of golf!


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