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With MKids drivers, it’s all about the fit. These high-spec junior golf clubs feature a tour-quality grip for maximum comfort and grip on every shot from a flat-out Driver swing to a gentle fairway finder. The MKLite Launch Control Shaft is designed to create a high launch angle and trajectory, helping your junior golfer to create carry and distance consistently from the tee. 

The MKIDs driver is available for both left-handed and right-handed junior golfers, and comes in a range of sizes to meet the height of the player. With the shift in sizes also comes different colours, so your young one can enjoy a new colour with a size upgrade!

MKIDs Club Sets

Ready to collect the whole set? Our MKIDs Club Set are a fantastic way to introduce your golfer to more club types.

Within each set, you’ll find a Metal Fairway Wood, 7 & 9 Irons, and an SLA Putter, all within a colour-coordinated MKIDs Stand Bag. This set is ideal for kickstarting your junior’s golfing experience, especially when purchased alongside our MKIDs and Golfway accessories.

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