Bags & holdalls

Junior Golf Bags & Holdalls

We offer a fantastic selection of junior golf bags & holdalls to ensure maximum carrying comfort around the course and in coaching sessions.

Golfway Play Net Bag

This Golfway Play Net Bag can store up to 50 golf balls. Ideal for those junior golf training sessions!

Golfway Play Duffel Bag

Our Golfway Play Duffel Bags are designed with size in mind. These bags are perfect for holding everything from clubs to accessories. Each bag features a thick webbing adjustable strap, and measures at 955mm x 520mm.

Golfway Play Kit Bag

These Golfway Play Kit Bags are perfect for lightweight accessories or Golfway Play Bullseye Targets. Zippered ends keep these bags secure, and the thick webbing strap protects your shoulders.

Golfway Play Pencil Bag

Golfway Play Pencil Bags are perfect for carrying clubs and accessories. They are slim, yet durable and adjustable. Perfect for transporting junior clubs. 

Golfway Play Sunday Bag

Our Golfway Play Sunday Bags are perfect for junior golfers carrying their own gear. Both clubs and accessories will fit comfortably in this bag, and it comes with a padded strap to protect the shoulder. This bag measures 620mm in height.

Golfway Play Disc Target Carry Bag

The best option for carrying Golfway Play Disc Targets, this Golfway Play Disc Target Carry Bag is made of a durable canvas material. The bag measures 305mm in diameter, and can hold an astonishing 18 disc targets.

Golfway Play Large Holdall Kitbag

This Golfway Play Large Holdall Kitbag is perfect for coaches. The durable material that makes up this bag allows it to hold up to 25kg in clubs, accessories and equipment. It also comes with three easy-glide wheels for easy transportation to your coaching sessions.